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About Us

We are a group of early adopters of Bitcoin. Our team also includes some of the largest investors of crypto currencies, with huge experience of the blockchain technology. We have now joined hands with some of the worlds leading crypto currency investors & real estate tycoons. Join us to be a part of the cryptocurrency revolution.

At, our main focus is to provide our clients with the best possible service. Bitcoin Bank is a profitable and Trusted investment program, established by a strong team of highly skilled traders and investment consultants in the offline and online investment market. We put your investments in new highly remunerative innovative projects, which offers great returns along. We know how much, where and when to put your investments. And we know how to achieve maximum income.We are constantly diversifying our investment portfolio and building stronger connections worldwide. When one opportunity fails you can rest assure that our strategy of diversification continues to keep our business profitable and growing. You have the opportunity right now to join a revolutionary investing opportunity that is sure to continue growing and mature into the most successful high yield opportunity. Today…Our Support Department is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week……All you need to do is to, make a deposit using your most convenient bitcoin payment method and get in from time to time to withdraw profit. It is very easy and effective…. We are very active in the crypto trading market and endeavor to remain at the forefront of the bitcoin industry and such we can provide all our investors with strong investment choices.

Our regular use of progressive infrastructure and automated payment processing has allowed us to look for ways to offer our customers more value. It’s time to begin drawing your assets! , offers the most stable returns for you with the lowest investment risks. All the investors have been making lucrative profits from us everyday. has the only motive to offer an investment platform that is user-friendly which will help our investors make smart profits. We offer investment portfolios using ON-TO-GO technology. Because of our consistency in the provision of investment opportunities for clients we are renowned in the crypto-currency market. Client satisfaction with our services is the only motive for

Leading Technology

Our team includes over 100 developers with expertise in different fields some of them being PhDs in cryptography, experts in crypto currencies and blockchain technology.

Quality Assesment

Our globally recognised investment bankers make in-depth analysis of all the investments made by the Bitcoin Bank group.

Fraud Management

100% Safe. Our dedicated and robust system and active team members monitor fraudulent activities.

What is Bitcoin Bank

Since 2015, BitcoinBank has been affiliated with over 1800 companies worldwide and is joined by over 70000 active and potential investors. You can also use your networking skills to transform your investments to higher returns. With BitcoinBank, you are your own bank. Only you have complete control on your funds and your accounts and transactions are kept private from prying eyes. You can use your assets anytime without any conditions. Join us today and grow your investment systematically.

Automated Trading Bot

Our trading bot trades on multiple exchanges to make profit from your investment and give daily returns.

Why Choose Us

  • Instant Payouts

    All payments, deposits and transactions in bitcoin are powered by blockchain and occur instantly . Live payouts can be seen above.

  • Reliability and Transparency

    Smart contracts make all transactions between users secure and transparent, from the very inception of the platform.

  • Uninterrupted Operation 24/7

    The system is completely autonomous, independent of third parties, and decentralized, reducing the risk of technical failures to near-zero.

  • Security

    We are using a strong 5 Gbps DDoS Protection with 99% up-time guarantee. Complex Layer 7 Protection. Global CDN Acceleration. Global Protected DNS. Web Application Firewall + Certified Domain SSL certificate for secure connection to our website. We are using up-to-date anti-hacker technologies, to safely receive your deposit and pay out your profit.

  • Levelling the Playing-Field provides unique professional capability previously unavailable to ordinary users. In our universe every player is a professional, endowed with the same ability, with access to the same tools.

  • All Statistics and Analytics In One Place

    All detailed analysis and data tools appear in a single user window.

How It Works

The Bitcoin Bank team consists of board members with a reputation of investing in various portfolios to reap multifold revenues.We know how to achieve maximum income. We are constantly diversifying our investment portfolio and building stronger connections worldwide. Now our team is bigger with some of the largest crypto currency early adopters, traders and investors.

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